How often should I have my garage door serviced?

CSI® Classic Garage Doors are designed to offer years of trouble free operation and generally require minimal maintenance. Garage doors should operate freely in either the opening or closing direction. Garage doors which appear to be labouring during opening or closing operation, or are either difficult to lift or appear to fall when moving in the closing direction may require some adjustment. This is best left to the services of a suitably qualified technician. Serious injury may be sustained if the adjustment procedure is not undertaken correctly. Ensuring that the guide sections in which the door runs are kept free from dust, dirt and other build up is a simple yet effective maintenance step which involves nothing more than carefully wiping the inside of the section with a rag. Do not lubricate the guide sections with oil, grease or any other petroleum based product.

Refer to the care and warranty information in the CSI Classic Owners Handbook for more details and service frequency.

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